• Villa​ge Kids

    It takes a village to raise a child

  • What We Do

    Village Kids is a licensed home based early childhood service located in sunny Richmond, Nelson offering you a flexible and affordable childcare option. We provide a service, where our Educators empower your child in a warm, welcoming and loving home environment.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are passionate about coordinating quality home based early childhood education and care for your child either in your own home with a nanny or in the home of an approved Educator.


    We offer subsidies to make home based care an affordable option for families.


    We advocate for parents and family as first educators and believe it takes a village to raise a child therefore your child's grandparents, other family members or family friends can apply to become an educator with us.


    We value getting out and about in the community with regular excursions and playgroups. Regular visits from our qualified coordinators support both children and Educators in reaching their full potential.


    Educators, Nannies and Grandparents


    As a Village Kids Educator you will enjoy the following benefits;


    You will be fully supported in your role as an Educator through our visiting qualified ECE teachers.


    Professional Development - Village Kids will provide opportunities for Educators to continue to learn and develop in their role. We encourage ALL our Educators to up skill and provide ongoing professional development.

    Low Ratios of Care - maximum of four children under one educator (no more than two children under 2)


    Flexibility - you can work during your chosen hours with as many children as suitable to you, with a maximum of four in a group at any given point in time.


    Outings / Playgroup - Village Kids encourages our educators to attend our regular playgroups and outings.


    Resource / Toy Library - Village Kids has a resource library which all Educators are welcome to utilize including outdoor toys, puzzles, books. We will also cover the cost of joining a local Toy Library.


    Sleeping – portacots and linen can be provided if required.


    Referrals – Village Kids will actively assist you to connect with families.



    Grandparents are often a first choice for childcare and Village Kids can provide Grandparents with all the benefits and resources to be a home based carer.


    Our Licensing

    Approved by the Ministry of Education, Village Kids Limited upholds the Licensing Criteria for Home-Based Education and Care Services (2008) and the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008


    Village Kids is open Monday to Sunday 6am-9pm with flexible hours available.

  • About us

    Vision Statement

    We believe that is takes a village to raise a child and that we are stronger together.

    Village Kids values the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua. We embrace cultural diversity through languages, resources and relationships.

    We value strong parent and whanau partnerships and aim to provide a home away from home environment for all children.

    We will provide childcare options for parents and caregivers that work for everyone.



    We are a fun loving, supportive service. We believe that Village Kids children will be supported, grow and learn in a home away from home environment. We value tuakana teina relationships where children of all ages learn from each other. We acknowledge New Zealand’s bi-cultural heritage as evident in te tiriti o Waitangi.


    Over time and with guidance and support children will become increasingly capable of;


    Secure Attachments

    Children will form relationships with their educators and their family. Within these relationships they can learn to trust that they will be safe and secure.



    Children will gain independence by being given the opportunity to develop self- care and decision-making skills. As a result, they will view themselves as competent.



    Children will develop problem solving skills and learn to persist with difficulty. This will inspire self confidence in their abilities to find solutions independently.



    Children will form relationships with each other and with others in their learning communities. These relationships will increase social skills and assist in widening children’s experiences and interactions.



  • Contact us

    Please contact Village Kids, phone 021 1309 980, or email kirstie@villagekidsnz.co.nz.


    Phone 021 1309980